About Us

Swarm Loans specializes in providing the UK market with cheap, accessible and flexible logbook loan deals. It is a leading name in the market renowned for its excellent customer service, fast processing and lower than the market average interest rates. The brand caters to borrowers across UK. Even with bad credit, Swarm Loans offer logbook loan deals to meet a variety of financial needs from overdue bills to rent, groceries, medical expenses, major investment, travel and more. Logbook loan offers start from £500 up to £50,000 at repayment terms starting from 12 months up to 36 months.

In partnership with the best and largest logbook loan providers in the UK, Swarm Loans is able to offer customers as many options as possible. We also offer the most competitive logbook loan quotes available in the market today. No matter your financial circumstance or your credit score, as long as you’re a vehicle owner, you can count on Swarm Loans to give you the best logbook loan deals to meet any pressing financial need. With our team of expert representatives always ready to help, you’re guaranteed that you and your financial needs always come first with us.